cloudHQ is a service that lets your workplace be completely platform agnostic.

Our service lets employees use the app platforms they love, while letting businesses easily capture the information in those platforms and backs them up to Box.

There are currently 2 major problems that businesses are facing:

1) Collaboration Suffers.
-->The information on private clouds isn't being shared.
Employees are bringing their own devices and services which causes collaboration issues with co-workers who don't use those same platforms.


2) Companies Lose Information.
-->The information on private clouds isn't being protected.
Businesses are often losing data because of private clouds that employees bring in, but don't understand how to properly protect it.

Rather than forcing one platform throughout the entire organizational chain, we advocate that employees should be able to use whatever makes them more productive, while allowing businesses to easily consolidate the information in those platforms and back it up.

Our service continuously synchronizes the information between your Box account and other cloud services in real-time. This way, information can be shared and protected so that your company can function as efficiently as possible.

For example, cloudHQ can sync your Box account with another cloud service like Basecamp. cloudHQ will copy all your files from a Box folder to a Basecamp project, and vice-versa.

What makes us unique is that our sync works both ways. This means that any changes from your Box folder will instantaneously be replicated to the other cloud service that it's synched with in no time.

cloudHQ is an excellent collaboration and backup solution for your company's cloud.

We fully support the following cloud services:

1) Box (incl. Box Enterprise)
2) Google Apps: Google Drive, Gmail, Contacts, and Calendars
3) Dropbox (incl. Dropbox for Business)
4) Amazon S3
5) Evernote (incl. Evernote for Business)
5) Salesforce: All editions: Group, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance.
6) Microsoft: OneDrive, OneDrive Business, Office365 Sharepoint, and On-Premise Sharepoint
7) Egnyte: Office, Business, and Enterprise
8) Amazon Cloud Drive
9) Basecamp (incl. Basecamp Classic)
10) Yandex
11) WebDAV

Customize Options

Shared Events  

  • Sync: Automatically sync and replicate data when a change occurs on Box (Created, Uploaded, Commented, Moved, Copied, Deleted, Collaborator added)