Securely work with any type of content on your iPhone and iPad, regardless of whether you’re on-line or off-line. bigtincan hub sets a new standard for what can be accomplished on a mobile devices. bigtincan hub is a mobile content enablement app that makes mobile users more productive when accessing and working with any type of content on their iPhone or iPad. bigtincan hub provides an incredible user experience along with a unified set of productivity tools for creating, editing, annotating, sharing, and collaborating on content. bigtincan hub is a unified mobile content enablement app that provides access to content and all the tools needed to make a mobile workforce more productive – all delivered with an incredible, single application user experience.

bigtincan hub benefits:
- Securely delivers the right content to the right users at the right time and location, on any mobile device

- Works with content on a mobile device no matter where it resides, whether you’re on-line or off-line

- Delivers a unified set of productivity capabilities that enable a mobile user to effectively engage with content

- Automates business processes on mobile devices

- Provides insight into the utilization and value of content

- Unlocks domain expertise that enables knowledge to be shared across teams

- Provides the security and content governance that exceeds the needs of the IT organization

“With bigtincan hub, we’ve found an easy, highly effective way to arm our field representatives with a single point of access to all of the tools they need to close deals. As a result, our sales process is much more fluid, our field reps are much more productive and we have much better visibility into how our marketing assets are being used. bigtincan hub has improved our business processes across the board.” Ywain Cheney, Art Director of Paige Denim

"bigtincan hub's easy-to-use interface allowed our sales team to access, edit and share every type of file out there. Even better, it gave us the power to push the most valuable, up-to-date content to their iPad instantly. No need to fumble through and search for the right document in front of the customer. Everything is front-and-center on the iPad, ranked in order of value or priority."
Bryan Kilby, Jones Junction

"If you're seeking a BYOD solution, bigtincan hub is a solid choice, because its features encompass so many of the potential requirements for a BYOD initiative."
Will Kelly, Tech Republic