Knoblr Huddles is a next generation multimedia Whiteboard application built specifically for the workforce in the industry to capture, review, contextually connect and interact with illustrated and contextually connected chains of thought: both for synchronous online meetings as well as asynchronous communication. It enables workers in the industry to exchange voice and video synchronized, nuanced and visually described communication.

The knoblr Huddles application enables the users to capture, edit, exchange and connect illustrated “Communication Documents” that are created either dynamically during live and synchronous online e-meetings or asynchronously before or after such live e-meetings. Its users can consume, interact with and contribute further to the dialog with these “Communication Documents” while collaborating with other users in real-time. All contributions are tracked by user, linking one or more chains of communication from within these “Communication Documents”.

Knoblr Huddles serve as a “Voice/Video synchronized and Illustrated” collaborative tool for cooperative communication of multiple chains of thought: both in real-time and non real-time. These Communication Documents can be shared, opened, edited and responded to by multiple users simultaneously and each participant in the knoblr Huddle can visually consume all communication threads that make up the interconnected communication dialog. Each communicator’s chain of thought is presented with a guiding flag in order to differentiate one user’s contribution from that of other contributors.